Executive Wash

Cars - $75
SUVs & Trucks - $85
Mini Vans - $95

Vehicles wheels, wheel wells, tires, trim and front fascia are first pre soaked, scrubbed and rinsed to loosen and remove dirt, grime, grease and bug splatter residue. Then mounds of bubbly car wash soap suds with a special polymer are used to wash the vehicle with a lambs wool mitt to leave a sparkling, dazzling shine. All exterior rubber and vinyl trim are treated to a like-new condition. Interior is vacuumed, dash & steering column are wet dusted and special attention given to clean mirrors, windows and window tips. Interior fragrance available upon request.

Xtreme Exterior

Cars - $125
SUVs & Trucks - $145
Mini Vans - $165

- Pre-soak
- Soft hand wash (2 bucket method)
- Claybar treatment to remove contaminants from paint
- Hand dried
- All jambs including door jambs, gas door, trunk and hood thoroughly cleaned
- Wheels and wheel wells are cleaned and dressed
- Tires dressed
- All windows cleaned
- Premium quality wax or sealant is applied by machine

* Upgrade to our BlackFire Wet Diamond Paint Protection Sealant for an additional cost of $35.

Over-Spray Paint Removal


Vehicles today can be subjected to over-spray paint from newly painted bridges, buildings, and roads. If nothing is done, this paint can become embedded into your cars clearcoat becoming difficult to remove. Using a claying procedure we can easily clean most over-spray paint from your vehicle quickly and safely. We also suggest an exterior protection services after Over-Spray removal.